The Channels

cHK is your one-stop channel for cool, chic, and contemporary celebrity-powered Hong Kong entertainment. Now you can finally watch the latest Hong Kong blockbusters, celebrity-driven infotainment, trendy lifestyle shows, daring late night programs and Hong Kong dramas (never aired before in Singapore) all on one channel and in HD! You can also catch all programs in the original Cantonese audio track via cHK On Demand. So if you want to see the true face of Hong Kong entertainment every day, all you have to do is cHK!

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Celestial Classic Movies

CELESTIAL CLASSIC MOVIES presents some of the best Chinese movies ever produced! From the most iconic Kung Fu films to the most memorable dramas, CELESTIAL CLASSIC MOVIES brings you masterpieces from Chinese cinema history including movies from the world-famous Shaw Brothers Film Library. All Shaw Brothers movies featured have been digitally restored to bring viewers sound and picture quality matching the original cinematic prints. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, CELESTIAL CLASSIC MOVIES showcases the best work of many legends of Chinese cinema including Chang Cheh, King Hu, Cheng Pei-pei, Ti Lung and Gordon Liu.

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Celestial Movies

CELESTIAL MOVIES (CM) is the biggest 24-hour Chinese movie service in Asia and beyond, offering viewers the biggest stars and the biggest blockbusters. Through its partnerships with the most prolific and acclaimed Asian movie studios, CELESTIAL MOVIES is able to bring movie fans the latest Chinese and Asian box office hits first and exclusively. Tune in to CELESTIAL MOVIES to watch your favorite Chinese superstars: Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Jet Li, Stephen Chow, Donnie Yen and more! Broadcasting over 400 movies a year with 100% localized subtitles, only CELESTIAL MOVIES can bring you the latest hits and your all-time favorites.

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Celestial Movies HD

CELESTIAL MOVIES HD (CM HD) offers the latest blockbuster movies from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan and other hit Asian films exclusively, 24 hours a day, in high definition. Watch your favorite Chinese and Asian movies in wide screen format with the best sound and picture quality from the comfort of your home. Celestial Movies HD also brings you fascinating behind-the-scenes programs and the latest entertainment news.

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KIX is the ultimate destination for action entertainment in Asia. KIX offers action fans a high-octane blend of programs including combat sports, blockbuster action movies, hit action series and cutting-edge reality shows. With first and exclusive premieres every month, KIX guarantees you non-stop adrenaline-pumping entertainment. So get into the action with KIX!

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KIX HD is an exciting high definition channel for Asia that combines the very best in action entertainment with a late-night dose of thrilling, chilling programs. Showcasing the genre's most compelling Hollywood and Asian blockbusters to action-packed reality shows and TV series, KIX HD brings excitement, thrills and an adrenaline rush in high definition to viewers' living rooms.


THRILL is Asia's first and only movie channel dedicated 24/7 to the widely popular horror, thriller and suspense genres. Packed with scream-worthy movies from Asia and Hollywood, Thrill also features a selection of chilling TV series. By bringing our viewers the best in non-stop scares, Thrill guarantees you that "Fear is Fun."